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Chinese 華語片
  • 捉妖記2 MONSTER HUNT 2
  • DVD
  • HK$139.00
  • Options 選項:
  • Release Date 推出日期: 2018-06-01
  • Category 類別: Chinese
  • Label/Publisher 出版商: Edko Films Ltd. (HK)
  • Product Code 產品編號: 18EDVD18
  • HKR code: 885062
  • Language 語言: Cantonese, Mandarin
  • Subtitles 字幕: English, Chinese
* 特別收錄:
- 電影預告1,2,3,
- 製作花絮1,2,
- 音樂錄像-五月天《什麼歌》,蔡依林《什麼什麼》,
- 相片集

許誠毅 作品
有胡巴 開心話咁2

胡巴勇闖江湖,展開尋親之旅,卻被妖王窮追猛打,危難中被賭徒屠四谷(梁朝偉 飾)和他的妖怪老友笨笨相救。屠四谷欠下巨額賭債,被逼肉償下嫁惡女債主,
當他無意中得悉小妖王胡巴的重金懸賞令後,決定高價出售胡巴。與此同時,念子心切的天蔭(井柏然 飾)和小嵐(白百何 飾)通過天師堂堂主雲大哥(楊祐寧 飾)的幫助,與屠四谷交易贖回胡巴。胡巴以為一家重逢,豈料,一場更大的驚天陰謀尾隨而至,伺機而動……
* Special Features:
- Trailer 1,2,3
- Behind-the-Scenes 1&2
- MV
- Photo Gallery

Sequel to the mega blockbuster Monster Hunt continues as monster king Wuba embarks on his own journey after departing with his human parents Yin (Jing Boran) and Nam (Bai Baihe). A new dark lord arises and swears to eliminate the only heir of the monster kingdom, forcing Wuba to take another exile. He befriends gambler Gu (Tony Leung Chiuwai) who is at first reluctant to help him. They form a bound along the way and Gu vows to protect him from the new threat. Meanwhile, Yin and Nam get wind of the heavy bounty placed by the dark lord and decide to take on another dangerous journey to save Wuba.